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E-Commerce Development, Software, and Integrated Payment Solutions

Joining the e-commerce revolution requires the right tools to bring effective electronic payment options to your customers. Computerized virtual terminals, proprietary payment gateways, and web-based applications provide the tools to allow you to authorize, capture, and settle your transactions directly from your website, establishing a secure online transaction processing experience.

Setting up your business with a computerized Virtual Terminal or Payment Gateway supports a full set of payment options including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and even Debit or Gift Cards in some cases.

E-Commerce Merchant Accounts:


    An e-commerce website is becoming an important part of any company's retail success, and what you need is the ability to accept payments online securely and effectively. Accepting credit cards over the Internet has many different options available to get you started.

    Internet Merchant Accounts

    In addition to efficient payment processing, you will have access to real-time management tools such as online reporting and easy administrative control, including the ability to store tranasction data for recurring charges and payments.

    Professional e-commerce and web development solutions will enable your business to stand out and outsell your competition:

    Click here to learn more about e-commerce to equip your online storefront or home-based business with everything you need to attract attention. Work carefully to define your e-commerce goals, and create an effective design that will meet your specific needs.


E-Commerce Payment Solutions:

    border Virtual Merchant E-commerce processing

    Elavon's Virtual Merchant:

    Virtual Merchant is a combined online payment terminal and e-commerce payment solution. Virtual Merchant provides online payment processing, transaction management, and a secure Internet payment gateway for Retail, Mail/Telephone, and Internet businesses.

  • No minimum hardware specifications, network infrastructure, or software installation required
  • Can be accessed from any Internet enabled PC
  • Software enhancements and updates are received automatically
  • Utilize your existing technical infrastructure
  • Process transactions in as little as three seconds
  • Maintains a detailed record of up to 12 months of transaction activity
  • Fraud protection through Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Values (CVV2)
  • Ensures that cards are billed when products are shipped, meeting Visa and MasterCard requirements
  • Receipts can be delivered to customers through e-mail
  • Allows the storage of recurring and installment payment information
  • Transactions will be authorized according to the selected billing cycle

  • Online Payment Pages: A Web Payment Plug-in that permits customers to pay online, easily and securely by linking to your Merchant Proceesor's online payments website. Ideal for online card-not-present transactions.

  • Accept all major credit cards in Canadian or U.S. dollars
  • Generate an electronic receipt with every transaction
  • Reduce the risk of error with built-in duplicate transaction checking
  • Process payments and refunds anywhere from a secure shared website

Software and Virtual Terminals:


    Orbital Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway:

  • Requires only an Internet connection and a web browser to access payment processing and acquiring services.
  • The Virtual Terminal supports multiple functions, including authorization only, authorization and capture, partial shipments, refunds and voids.
  • The Orbital Gateway is a combined gateway and e-commerce payment processing service.
  • The application resides on the internet. Allows sales authorizations, refunds, pre-authorized sales, and settlement, just like any Point-of-Sale terminal.
  • View transactions in open batch status, or run batch queries based on batch or date parameters, the software is secure and protected.
  • All it takes is a computer, a card reader, an Internet connection, and an optional PinPad for debit cards.

  • Orbital Payment Gateway
    border ViaWarp Virtual Terminal

    ViaWarp Virtual Terminal:

    Leverage your PC and avoid investing in payment terminals. The ViaWarp Virtual Terminal turns any PC into a dedicated Point-of-Sale payment terminal using an Internet connection to efficiently process payments for any mail order/telephone order business. It also expands as your business grows.

  • Works as a desktop payment processor for mail order and telephone order based companies
  • Supports real time and batch processing
  • Supports recurring and installment payments
  • Link settlements to ensure cards are billed when products are shipped
  • Maintains 999 days of transaction history
  • Uses encryption to ensure that transactions are processed securely
  • Installs on any PC or network server
  • Process transactions over a high-speed Internet connection

Integrated Payment Solutions:

    border Integrated Payment Solutions

    Elavon's Virtual Merchant "All-in-one"

    Virtual Merchant is a complete payment processing system that changes a PC into a virtual payment terminal, accepting all credit and debit cards. Runs on secure hosted software that allows the processing of transactions through a web browser on a computer. Virtual Merchant is designed to process transactions in physical face-to-face, mail order/telephone order, or e-commerce environments. It can also handle recurring and installment payments.

  • Integrates with online shopping cart software to securely process e-commerce transactions.
  • Processes credit cards and PIN-based debit cards.
  • Supports real-time processing and also non-real-time transactions.
  • Permits an unlimited number of users and Merchant ID's ideal for any business size and multiple locations.
  • Establishes rules for e-commerce transactions, flagging transactions by set criteria to "pend" the ones that need further review.
  • Maintains 12 months of history with tools to identify trends and analyze transaction patterns.
  • SSL certificate encryption to ensure transactions are processed securely.
  • Stores info about customers including postal and e-mail addresses.
  • PCI compliant, can be used for Debit and Credit Card Transactions.
  • Sets up recurring payments on credit cards.
    border Ingenico 3070 PinPad

    Ingenico 3070 "All-in-one" PinPad:

    Ideal for businesses that run multiple cash registers on an integrated system. All reconciliation can be managed through your cash register. The Ingenico 3070 is a small handheld PinPad with smart card and magnetic stripe readers ideal for use in integrated retail environments. It offers a fast and easy way to adapt existing point-of-sale computer systems to new EMV and PIN-entry standards.

  • A cost effective way to upgrade existing point-of-sale and cash register equipment to comply with new security standards.
  • The PinPad can be connected to your system by an RS232 or USB cable.
  • The i3070 uses Power-Over-Ethernet as an option reducing installation and maintenance costs.
  • Fully programmable PinPad with a RS232/USB port configuration, ideal for use in multilane retail and single point-of-sale environments.

New payment technology will provide a hosted software solution that allows any PC with an Internet connection to process payment transactions efficiently, and also affordably integrates with online Shopping Cart software to securely process your e-commerce transactions.

  • Fraud Verification: Full support of secure card data verification services such as Address Verification and CVV2 security services.
  • Accept all major cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, Interac®, and even gift cards.
  • Point-of-Sale Support: Complete hosted payment solutions that transform existing computers into virtual payment terminals.
  • Recurring Billing: Easily handle recurring and installment payments.


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