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Independent firms and banks directly serve merchants with Credit and Debit Card Merchant Processing Accounts and E-Commerce Payment Services across Canada.

Independent sources for Canadian Merchant Accounts can leverage Credit and Debit Card Processing rates, working to provide services that match the best interests of clients. Electronic payment processing solutions that can be offered through industry-leading Merchant Service Providers (MSP's) include:

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  • Point-of-Sale (POS) merchant processing accounts.
  • Sale, lease, or rental of payment processing terminals.
  • Processing for phone and internet-based businesses.
  • Service in non-traditional environments including delivery services, independent contractors, and others. A laptop computer or smartphone can process credit and debit cards quickly and easily.
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  • E-commerce and other web-based merchant services, including shopping cart e-commerce websites with advanced processing features.
  • Adapting business websites so that they will get higher search engine ratings on Google and Yahoo to improve exposure and public profile.
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Electronic Payment Processing

Leading Canadian Merchant Processing companies provide almost any merchant, retailer, or business owner with the ability to accept electronic-based payments from customers, working to find the best Payment Processing Solution for your situation.

Almost any type of business that accepts direct payments from customers can benefit from including electronic bankcard payments as an option. Most businesses can be placed with a Merchant Account from a number of leading Merchant Service Provider (MSP) firms.

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  • Credit card processing
  • Debit card processing
  • Gift and Customer Loyalty Cards
  • Phone and Catalogue-based payment processing services
  • Online transaction payment processing


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