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High Speed Payment Terminals

Top-of-the-line high speed equipment allows your business to process debit and credit cards securely and efficiently, making it easy to integrate your electronic payment system as just another form of cash payment.

Most payment terminals are capable of processing through High-Speed Internet connections as well as a phone line, and are fully compliant with the new Chip Card standard technology:

Ingenico 5100 and 3050 PinPad:

    border Ingenico 5100 Payment Terminal
  • 32 bit processor with Unicapt 32 2MB SRAM + 8M Flash memory
  • VISA PED security approval
  • Smart card reader EMV level 1
  • RS232, Ethernet, RS485 Plug-it modules
  • Graphic Display: 64 x 128, backlit
  • 15 lines per second thermal printer
  • Product is no longer available.

    border Ingenico 3050 Pinpad
  • VISA PED and EMV level 1 certified
  • 32 bit microprocessor
  • Small size, fitting in the palm of the hand
  • 128 x 64 graphic display
  • EMV level 2 certified kernel
  • Smart card reader
  • Product is no longer available.


Ingenico 5310 "All-in-one" Terminal:

    border Ingenico 5310 Payment Terminal
  • V34 modem provides fast authorization and downloading
  • Large backlit screen and keypad
  • 32 bit processor for swift transactions
  • 15 lines per second printer and receipt pre-printing
  • Ethernet and IP connectivity capability
  • "All-in-one” design with an integrated PinPad eliminates counter clutter
  • Product is no longer available.


Verifone Vx570 and SC5000 PinPad:

    border Verifone Vx570 Payment Terminal
  • Built-in thermal printer is whisper quiet and lightning fast
  • Modular design provides for cost-efficient upgrades and enhancements
  • Backlit, white display with crisp black characters and graphics
  • Can be used as an "all-in-one" with an internal PinPad or external attachment
  • Product is no longer available.

    border Verifone SC5000 PinPad
  • 32-bit processing and ample memory
  • Backlit display is available as an option for improved readability
  • Incorporates tamper detection circuitry to resist unauthorized intrusions
  • Optional privacy shield snaps easily into place preventing observation of PIN entry sequence
  • Product is no longer available.


TechTrex Prime Trex Terminal:

    border Prime Trex Terminal
  • Includes full tip processing capabilities
  • Process sales quickly with pre-printing and pre-dialing
  • Equipped with easy-to-load high-speed thermal printers
  • Includes debit card "Cash Back" and Surcharge options
  • Offers shift processing and reporting
  • Works with a PinTrex or 3050 PinPad

  • Download product sheet

Point-of-sale retail payment terminals can be purchased up front, leased on a "rent-to-own" program, or rented on a month-to-month basis. Verifone and Ingenico are the two leading terminal manufacturers worldwide, and these models are renowned for their processing speed and efficiency.


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