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Long Range Wireless Terminals

The latest enhancements in electronic payment processing technology allows the terminal to be taken to the customer, permitting a wider range of businesses to expand their ability to generate more sales and provide an efficient means of improving service to customers.

The latest wireless terminals and processing devices are capable of utilizing cellular phone networks to deliver fast and secure connections to efficently process credit, debit, and gift cards from virtually anywhere. The terminals use the latest wireless processing technology, and are fully compliant with the new Chip Card technology:

Ingenico 7780 Short Range Wireless:

    border Ingenico 7780 Payment Terminal
  • Compact and durable handset wirelessly handed to the customer
  • Bluetooth technology provides a fast and secure radio link
  • Ethernet provides high-speed transaction authorization
  • Removable Lithium Ion battery pack with on-screen battery indicator
  • A single i7780 base can wirelessly communicate with up to seven different i7780 terminals

  • The Ingenico 7780 is a portable short-range wireless payment terminal that provides electronic transaction acceptance for retailers, fine dining, bars, car service businesses, car washes, and many other businesses. The i7780 features wireless transmission ability to cover up to a half square mile depending on the environment.


Ingenico 7910 Long Range Wireless:

    border Ingenico 7910 Payment Terminal
  • GPRS long-range cellular wireless payment terminal that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Compact design and lightweight robustness for mobile merchants
  • Removable battery pack enables the use of the i7910 for up to 200 transactions
  • Ideal for all types of hospitality, delivery, and mobile merchants
  • Back-up modem can ensure continuous operation in the event of GPRS cellular network problems

  • The i7910 enables you to pay wherever you are with all the security provided by Ingenico’s High Security Core. It has a 32-bit processor to support powerful encryption, thus ensuring confidential data is secure.


U-Biz Smart Phone Wireless Solution:

    border Mobile Payment Processing Device

    An Exclusive Smart Phone Processing Solution: Why have both a wireless processing terminal and a cell phone when you only need one? UBiz-Charge is a wireless payment solution that delivers on-the-spot payment processing capability to certain smart phones.

    Ideal for Mobile Vendors, Appliance Repair, Food Delivery, Limo Companies, HVAC, Catering, Plumbing, Trade Shows and Events, Home Inspectors, Convention and Exhibition Centres, Courier and Delivery, Consultants and Insurance, Sales, Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Delivery, Recreational facilities, Parks and Entertainment Centres, Home Repair and Roofing.

    Wireless Payment Option
  • Supports multiple merchant accounts and terminal ID's
  • Auto calculates taxes, payment memos, and customized receipts
  • Print or email transaction details and reports
  • Secure login with an encrypted password
  • Secure data transmission using 256-bit SSL data encryption
  • No credit card data is stored on the smart phone afterwards
  • Lightweight convenient size
    border Smartphone payment processing
  • If your device needs replacement, settings are easily replicated wirelessly.
  • Terminal can be remotely disabled if reported stolen or lost.
  • Anywhere, anytime connection on a variety of cellular carriers.
  • Designed to support cellular data applications, with easy downloadable upgrades as they are released.

  • Smartphone wireless processing

Nurit 8000s Long Range Wireless:

    border Nurit 8000 Payment Terminal
  • The NURIT 8000s is a flexible, lightweight terminal that enables fast, secure, error-free transactions on-the-go
  • The unit runs on the Rogers GSM/GPRS cellular network
  • The terminal includes an easy-to-load thermal printer, a touch screen, built-in PIN Pad, and EMV smart card reader
  • Wireless technology can help your business keep pace with a pay-anywhere solution

Wireless terminals can be purchased outright, leased on a "rent-to-own" program, or rented on a month-to-month basis. These models will work anywhere a cellular phone signal reaches.


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